Varanger Adventure July 2019

In July 2019 I went on an adventure in the northern part of Norway. Varanger is a peninsula with amazing landscapes. Nordic Vision was again my travelagent. Jan en Mart Smit (father and son) were the tour guides. The weather conditions where to good. A lot of sun en clear blue skies. So during daytime it was an adventure to find some spots to take nice pictures. During that time of the day we did some location spotting and photograph structures. (And that’s way out of my comfort zone.)

Structures on the shadow site of the rocks in sea
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Family portraits

From idea to framing

In our hallway we have some family portraits of our kids. But the portraits were taken some years ago. Time for some new ones! But we would also like to hang the portraits of their partners. The previous portraits were color portraits. This time I would like to do some black and whites. So the challenge is take seven portraits, each with the same look and feel. This is how I did it.

Old family portraits in hallway

Portraits with same look

First of all the seven new portraits should have the same look. I chose square format, f-stop 2.8 and a small light at the left side of the neck. So sharp eyes with fading sharpness to the back of the heads.  I have a lens that goes to f-stop 1.2 (85mm canon), so the sharpness at 2.8 should be great.

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My trip to Wales

In November 2018 I went on a photo trip to Wales with tour guide Wilco Dragt of Nordic Vision. I did not know what to expect of Wales. Was it like Scotland or Ireland?

Fairy Glenn

Our destination was on the isle of Anglesey just above the national park Snowdonia. We stayed in a place called Menai Bridge in Hotel Anglesey Arms. Read on to see my Spark page and the video I made of this adventure.

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My name in the newspaper (dutch article)

Ocopus Stinkhorn
Westerkrant 17 oktober 2018

Saturday October 13th I was with Henk Dikkema in Eelde (The Netherlands) to shoot some toadstools (mushrooms?). I discovered the Octopus stinkhorn (or Devil’s Fingers). Henk often writes stories which are published in the local newspaper. He mentioned my name, because while he was shooting a plain and simple porcelain fungus I found this beauty. But not being a biologist I did not know what it was. What I saw smelled awful but was beautiful! When he saw me quit looking trough the camera he became nosy and asked me what are you doing? When he saw what I was photographing he became very enthousiast. He told me he would buy me a cup of coffee at the next meeting of our photo club.  Read more

Photoshoot in a grainfield

Early July 2018 we did a photoshoot with Marlou and Brigitta in a grain field in Eext (The Netherlands). We scouted a perfect field with a nice possibility of a beautiful sunset. Fun it was! When my wife saw the images, she also would like to be a model. Then my oldest daughter saw the pictures and we had to plan another night for shooting. What started as one evening ended with three evenings with lots of fun.

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Framing The Other Side

Had a great time with my photo friends on June 16th. But what I did not know…….. While I was out taken pictures with my friends, a lot of other friends where preparing the biggest surprise 50 party for my birthday. So when I came home they all surprised me big time! Thanks to all of my friends, I felt really special.

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Short weekend break to Sofia

In April 2018 we visited Sofia. It was a short weekend break with our Photoclub Trefshot. Sofia is a city with a big variety of very new building but also very old desolated buildings. In the centre of the town most buildings are well maintained, but further away the sidewalks are very dangerous. No tile or brick is in place. The Alexander Nevski Cathedral made a big impression, especially at night. The blue night colours are working very well with the yellowish lighted cathedral.  Sofia Citytrip Read more

Isle of Skye

I went to the Isle of Skye with travel agent Nordic Vision in March 2018.  Late march should be the perfect time for dramatic cloud scenery’s and beautiful Scottish landscapes. Well it wasn’t the excellent landscapes, it where the harsh light conditions for three days en the clear blue skies that made it hard to make pictures. We had to make the best of it, and we did! Later in the week the clouds came and we could make beautiful pictures. Wilco Dragt was our leading photographer. You can find his website on

The Milk Photobook I made, can be found here: Milk Photobook Fairytale Landscapes.

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