My name in the newspaper (dutch article)

Ocopus Stinkhorn
Westerkrant 17 oktober 2018

Saturday October 13th I was with Henk Dikkema in Eelde (The Netherlands) to shoot some toadstools (mushrooms?). I discovered the Octopus stinkhorn (or Devil’s Fingers). Henk often writes stories which are published in the local newspaper. He mentioned my name, because while he was shooting a plain and simple porcelain fungus I found this beauty. But not being a biologist I did not know what it was. What I saw smelled awful but was beautiful! When he saw me quit looking trough the camera he became nosy and asked me what are you doing? When he saw what I was photographing he became very enthousiast. He told me he would buy me a cup of coffee at the next meeting of our photo club. 

Octopus Stinkhorn (Devils Fingers)
Octopus Stinkhorn (Devils Fingers)
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