Isle of Skye

I went to the Isle of Skye with travel agent Nordic Vision in March 2018.  Late march should be the perfect time for dramatic cloud scenery’s and beautiful Scottish landscapes. Well it wasn’t the excellent landscapes, it where the harsh light conditions for three days en the clear blue skies that made it hard to make pictures. We had to make the best of it, and we did! Later in the week the clouds came and we could make beautiful pictures. Wilco Dragt was our leading photographer. You can find his website on

The Milk Photobook I made, can be found here: Milk Photobook Fairytale Landscapes.

My spark page can be found here:Adobe Spark Page We stayed in Hotel Sligachan. Awesome Hotel! Very good staff and management. Looking forward to come back sometimes.  I made a little vlog of 3 minutes. (the man with the orange hat 🙂 that’s me) Scotland 2018 from Richard Paas on Vimeo.

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